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There are many different places to buy a water softener or whole house filter.  Many people are purchasing this type of equipment from the local hardware stores…the big box stores.  These $5-700 treatment systems have a very appealing price tag and a very appealing display in these stores as well.  The average consumer thinks that this is a great deal!

Most people don’t realize the downsides to these types of units.  The big box store treatment solutions are designed to fit on a skid and to be sold quickly.  These are not designed for sustainability or durability.

In most cases these units have very dated technology.  As far as true salt and water savings, this will be very hard to find with these systems.  Unfortunately these units typically carry a 1-2 year warranty on the control valve.  This control is the “brain” of the equipment.  The control valve controls the system operation and regeneration cycles.  Unfortunately, these controllers are also not easily serviceable.  So, if you have an issue in a few years with the unit (and most people do) it will be unrepairable and the entire unit must be replaced.

Another concern with the Kenmore, Morton, GE, etc.. water treatment systems is that they are often sized improperly or misapplied to the application because in most cases this equipment is sold/recommended by a local hardware store employee and not a Certified Water Specialist that understands water and all the complexities that can come with it.

At American Aqua Solutions we offer premium water treatment solutions that are engineered to the highest of standards and offered at an affordable price.  These units have some of the best warranties in the business and should last for over a decade.  The Water Treatment Specialists at American Aqua Solutions will recommend a system for your specific situation and contaminant levels.  Our field experienced technical support team is also available if any issues arise during the life and operation of the equipment.  Don’t go to the local big box store to save a few bucks for your water treatment needs.  Please just give us a call… We treat YOU and your WATER right!