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Bottled water is becoming a hot commodity in today’s society.  There are over 50 billion water bottles consumed around the world annually.  WOW!!!  Bottled water is often drank because of its quality.  This water is expected to be more pure and healthier for people as well.  This is a good thing as far as more healthy life styles and more healthy people go.  However, the impact of the bottles on the environment is becoming rather alarming.  This is a great article on the impact of all of the bottles that are constantly being disposed of and the issues that this is causing.


At American Aqua Solutions we recommend reducing your “carbon footprint” and bottle waste by installing a reverse osmosis system under the sink.  These systems are used in the process in which bottled water is produced.  They remove 90-95% off all contaminants in the water.  Most residential RO systems are rated at 50-100 gallons of high quality water per day.  This is typically enough water for consumption and cooking for most families for the day.  These units actually pay for themselves within a few years, compared to buying bottled water

Hopefully this insight helps shed some light on some of the advantages of producing your own bottled water at your home.  This will not only be some of the highest quality water for consumption, but will dramatically help our environment as well.  We only have one planet Earth… Lets try and take care of it!!