commercial-industriesWe supply custom tailored treatment programs for life’s persistent water problems. Our expertise consists of filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, disinfection and deionization. Over the years, we have had much success with our Commercial Water Treatment Systems. We serve many different markets in this industry. We can help design, supply, and set-up complete systems for your company and/or business. Some of our other specialties include providing specific water quality for whole house reverse osmosis systems, breweries, hydroponics, lab water, water stores, manufacturing, HVAC systems, commercial cleaning, rain water, food/beverage, health, and hospitality. These are our main commercial markets, but we can help with most others as well.

All of our specialty applications above require specific treatment methods for the necessary water quality for their processes and final products. Our experience in this industry and these fields allows us to know exactly how to bring you the type of water that you need to be successful in your market. When evaluating these commercial applications, there is much to consider. Some of these considerations are the water source, the desired final water quality, the daily volume demand, hours of operation, necessary pressure, and down time. All of this information is essential for assistance with commercial programs. Without this insight we will be unable to provide accurate recommendations. Furthermore, if consistent and proper water treatment in these commercial markets is not utilized, it can be very difficult to separate from the competition and become a true industry sensation.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis… Yes, it is possible! In theory, whole house reverse osmosis is the best water for a home that money can buy. This is high quality reverse osmosis water that is free from 90-98% of all contaminants. Reverse osmosis technology is one of most effective and efficient water purification methods available. This will provide bottle quality water to every faucet in the house. However, whole house RO requires proper pretreatment. Without proper pretreatment the system will fail very quickly. These systems typically consist of 4-5 pieces of equipment and a storage tank. This is premium residential water at a premium price. Most of these packages find application in commercial settings.

Breweries and distilleries are becoming more popular across the country. They seem to be popping up everywhere. These applications require high quality water to produce great tasting products. Contaminants such as hardness, iron, chlorine, and high TDS (total dissolved solids) will negatively impact the recipe and ingredients. Therefore these contaminants will dramatically reduce the overall final product. We recommend removing most contaminants in the water.  This will allow the brewing/distillery process to start on a fresh, clean slate.

aas-commercial-marketsHydroponics and agriculture is another growing market in today’s world. This is most likely due to the raised health awareness in society, with more people eating healthier fruits and vegetables.  With the legalization of recreational plants in many states, demand for agricultural hydroponics has grown exponentially.  Chlorides, low ph, high TDS, and other contaminants can be detrimental to high-yield returns. Whether this is a tomato farm or legal marijuana growing facility, the type of water that is used will play a very important role in overall plant quality and volume. Often times, in order to have a productive yield, the incoming water requires effective treatment for the above issues.

Drinking water stores and filling stations are becoming more advantageous in not only the US, but also all over the world. These are stores that provide good quality drinking water to customers. Customers can buy and refill different sized containers of water for drinking and cooking. These stores are becoming more common because of the concern for good quality drinking water everywhere. In other countries, these are very profitable ventures due to the lack of good water that is available. This water is often sold in bags that can be easily transported. In order to provide this type of water, pretreatment is a must. This is followed by reverse osmosis treatment, then storage and distribution.

Laboratories require some of the highest purity water available. such ultra-pure water is used in many different industries. This type of water is used for dialysis, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biology, and other life-science applications. This water quality is obtained by deionization. Deionization is the process in which ions are removed from water through mixed bed media. This media is both anionic and cationic. Once passing through the media, no ions remain in the water. This is why this type of water is so incredibly pure. Once exhausted, the media requires regeneration or replacement. This type of water is not recommended for consumption. Pretreatment is typically required ahead of deionization systems to prolong the life of the DI media.

Many industrial manufacturing processes require high quality water to protect expensive equipment, molds, and presses. Without an effective treatment program this expensive machinery can be trashed very quickly. In most cases manufacturing facilities will at least utilize water softening technology to reduce hardness and scale in the water. Some facilities that require more in depth treatment and even cleaner water will use reverse osmosis technology for their process. This can be seen in chrome plating, paint shops, industrial electronic rinse, thermal heat treating, plastic injection molding, etc. Large facilities that utilize water heating and cooling systems such as; cooling towers and boilers should also consider water treatment. While most of this type of treatment is done chemically, ionic exchange (water softening), and RO (reverse osmosis) may be something to consider to reduce hardness and impurities. These technologies will not only reduce impurities, but can also extend chemical life and reduce overall energy costs. Scale and contamination can dramatically increase energy costs due to the loss of heat transfer in the system.

AAS-Commercial Markets-meetingCommercial cleaning is a market that has been around for many years. This industry consists of carwashes, laundromats, window washing, and commercial laundries as well. When stain free and spot free results are a must, hardness must be eliminated. In some cases these applications will also require reverse osmosis treatment and even deionization depending on the incoming water quality. Typically RO/DI will provide the nice clean and crisp look that customers want.

Water for the food and beverage industry is another very large market. This is important for restaurants as well as food and beverage manufacturers. In most cases these facilities soften the water to protect their plumbing system and fixtures. Then reverse osmosis technology is used to provide good quality drinking water and is even used with many manufacturing processes when producing these edible goods.

As we know, clean water is necessary for true health and wellness. One would think that high quality water would be in every medical facility and health club around. Both are directly responsible for our health and wellness and should have good water as well. We offer many different water softening, filtration, and reverse osmosis packages for these markets.

Due to the droughts in the country more people are turning to rain water treatment and reclamation. This is a great way to conserve water and reuse the natural water from precipitation. However, once the water is collected it must be treated. Typically we will use mechanical sediment filtration to filter the water so it is free of any sediment or chemicals. Then we recommend proper and thorough disinfection to ensure that no bacteria contamination occurs. Once this water is treated, it can be used for your household needs.

Regardless of your business needs in terms of water, we have you covered! We recommend a detailed water analysis in order to provide effective and sustainable results. If you do not have one… we have you covered there too. If you have any questions about your application or water for your business, just let us know.

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