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This wonderful tool allows you the ability to customize your water treatment package for your specialty application.

We offer complete reverse osmosis treatment plants for markets that need high purity reverse osmosis water.  These units are available in 300-10K gallons per day.  These systems consist of pre-treatment, reverse osmosis systems, post treatment, storage, and distribution options.

**Please read overview below and then follow the steps… 

Here you will select the industry/market that you serve.  If you are unsure, please review the previous commercial markets page.  That page can help determine your market and the process involved.
The total required volume is the gallons per day required for your application.  This is important because this will determine the overall capacity of your RO system.  RO systems are rated based on good feed water quality, temperature, and feed water pressure.  Since most of these variables are out of our control, it is recommended to double the capacity of the RO system to ensure that enough volume is produced to keep up with your demands.  For example; if your application requires 500 gallons then a 1000gpd system should be selected.
Pretreatment is imperative to reverse osmosis technology and high purity water treatment.  Without proper pretreatment, the reverse osmosis system and the water quality will be degraded much quicker.  On municipal city water, chlorine and hardness must be addressed prior to RO treatment.  Often times on well water iron, manganese, or hardness should be addressed first as well.  If you are unsure about the necessary pretreatment for your application, than we would recommend having the water tested.  A water analysis can be provided by us or even purchased locally.  **systems that use improper or no pretreatment will void RO warranty**
This option provides storage and distribution packages that include the storage, a distribution pump, and a float assembly that will shut the RO system down when the storage tank is full to prevent tank overflow.  Reverse osmosis is a very slow process.  This is why storage tank size is so important.  We want to ensure that the RO system is not constantly in operation.  In most cases the tank size should be 20-30% of the RO capacity.  When sizing a storage tank, things to consider are how much daily use, how fast is it used, and the size of the RO for refill sake.
If this water will be used for any product that will be consumed or ingested then disinfection is a must.  This is a polishing process that is at the end of the treatment system after the water is distributed from the storage tank.  Proper disinfection will eliminate microbiological contamination for safe consumption.  This is imperative for whole house RO, brewing/distilling, agriculture/growing, and the food/beverage industries.
This step provides additional post treatment components that may be necessary for some applications and markets.  These consist of monitoring devices for TDS, conductivity, dual 4.5×20” mixed bed deionization systems with cartridges, and 4.5×20” housings with calcite (remineralization) cartridges.
This upgrade will provide you with a turnkey, pre-plumbed, water treatment plant!  We will completely build the system from pretreatment to post treatment.  Everything other than the storage tank will be on a skid with wheels that is extremely easy to move and install.  This innovation is great for people that are looking to expand their business, portable/mobile businesses, and even people that do not want to install the system and components themselves or through a contractor.  Once the system is delivered it requires that the water inlet and outlet be connected, all components will need to be programmed and put into service.

We want to make the process of choosing an effective and sustainable commercial water treatment solution as easy and seamless as possible. We offer detailed packing lists, schematics, instruction manuals, and exceptional live tech support to help with any questions or even commissioning of this equipment. If you have any questions about your custom treatment system or what type of treatment you need for your market, please give us a call and one of our water specialists can help!

We offer many different treatment solutions. If you need another type of treatment for your process or business (commercial water softening, commercial filtration, commercial disinfection) other than a complete RO plant, please let us know and we can provide these other specific equipment options as well

Please Note: Upon completion of the customization of your system, the information will be send to one of our commercial water specialists for review. Upon further review we will correspond with you to discuss your application and then send a complete proposal based on your information.

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