water-testingA detailed water analysis, especially on well water, is imperative to determine a water supply’s contaminants and contaminant levels.  These contaminants will determine the best solution to address your water concerns.  Without a current water analysis, effective and sustainable treatment can be very difficult.  If you do not have a detailed water analysis to share with us, we can provide one for you!

aas-basic-water-testWe offer a few different water testing options depending on your application and how in depth your analysis needs to be. Our basic water analysis is free to you!  This is a great place to start for most people.  This water analysis will provide measurements for some basic contaminants such as hardness, iron, chlorine, PH, and TDS (total dissolved solids).  Our other tests are managed by certified third party laboratories.

aas-clean-water-testOur Clean Water Test will test for over 30 different contaminants.  This test consists of cations, anions, calculated values, and a few additional tests as well.  This is a great option for most people on private well water.  Our Water Check analysis is a more detailed option that consists of bacteria, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, and other physical factors.  This analysis will test for over 35 contaminants including ecoli and coliform bacteria.  Finally, our Commercial RO Screen is recommended for commercial clients that need one of the most comprehensive and detailed water analysis on the market.  It will have most everything the others do and more.  Please see more about our testing options below.

aas-watercheck-test-kitUpon ordering a water analysis, we will send the water analysis directly to your desired location.  Once the sample is collected the analysis will be sent back to the specific lab for testing.  The Water Check and RO Screen must be shipped overnight for accurate results.  These tests typically take 7-10 business days to process once the lab receives the test.  Once processed, we will send the detailed results to you, interpret the analysis, and discuss your application as well as the issues that are present in your water.  We will then provide a recommendation for some treatment solutions that will work with your needs.

The beauty of it is this… If you order a water analysis through us and purchase our recommendation, we will credit half of the water analysis cost off of the equipment.  So not only will you know exactly what’s in your water, you can also get a discount on the solution to fix it!