aas-uv_page_imageEffective Bacteria Disinfection Method

Water that has microbiological contamination is considered unsafe for drinking.   This microbiological contamination can cause sickness and in some severe cases even death.  Ultraviolet disinfection has proven to be one of the most reliable and effective bacteria disinfection methods in water treatment today.

This method of treatment is becoming more popular because this technology requires no additional contact time, minimal maintenance, and absolutely no chemicals.  UV disinfection relies on ultraviolet rays to penetrate pathogens and neutralize micro-organisms in the water.  This treatment technology not only neutralizes bacteria, but even eliminates protozoa, viruses, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

In today’s fast paced world we have plenty to worry about.  The last thing that we want to have to keep in mind is if our water is properly disinfected and free of harmful pathogens.  Ultraviolet disinfection provides peace of mind for your home and or your business.  This will ensure that when your water runs through this treatment technology that it is safe.  Now you will be free to focus on some of the other important aspects of life.

aas-uv_page_image_2Pretreatment is imperative for effective UV disinfection.  Filtration is recommended prior to disinfection.  In many cases sediment filtration will provide thorough pretreatment.  However, on well water iron, manganese, sulfur, etc. should be removed first as well.  Without proper pretreatment micro-organisms can be protected by other contaminants. This will render the UV treatment ineffective.

At American Aqua Solutions we offer a variety of UV solutions and technologies for the residential and commercial markets.  If you need more information regarding ultraviolet disinfection than just inquire with one of our water specialists.