Excellent Technical Support

At American Aqua Solutions we want to make the purchase and ownership of a residential or commercial water treatment system as easy and worry free on you as possible. Therefore, we strive to provide you with excellent technical support.  All of our technicians are very knowledgeable, and seasoned.  They have been thoroughly trained and have experience in the service field as service technicians as well.  This ensures that they are accustomed with the installations, maintenance, and overall operation of the equipment.

Most of our equipment is user friendly and fairly simple to maintain. This is often installed by a handy home or business owner, a plumber, or a contractor. Upon purchase, we offer detailed instruction manuals, installation videos, and live correspondence via phone or Skype with our technicians for additional support with installation, programming, and even troubleshooting.  We also offer installation schematics that are available upon request.  Our (ELT) Endorsed Local Technician Network is also a valuable resource for installation support as well.

If you are not comfortable doing your own installation or do not have someone in mind for the install, then our ELT Network can help.  We are able to recommend an Endorsed Local Technician to come to your home or business and provide a site survey with a quote for installation and commissioning of your new water treatment solution.  These technicians are typically plumbers, handymen, or contractors that are familiar with this equipment.


These types of support ensure that our water treatment systems are installed properly and also provide peace of mind to you. We are available for tech support 7 days a week and are eager to help with any questions or concerns that you may have. We provide durable, sustainable, top of the line water treatment equipment that typically has very few operational problems.  We have examined and tested many different products before offering them. This allows us to provide you with the most reliable systems on the market.

However, as with anything mechanical, equipment issues can arise. We strive to work with you to find quick and viable solutions for any technical or operational concerns. We offer some of the best and most comprehensive technical support resources in the business. This is an area where many water treatment companies struggle.  If you need any additional support, or have any questions regarding installation, set-up, operation, or maintenance please reach out via phone or email so we can work with you to work through any technical concerns that you may have.