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When most people think about water filtration systems, they think about the kinds of systems that are attached to residential homes. However, this view misses the many commercial uses for water treatment systems. Businesses need clean water as much as residences, and in some cases, retail businesses have a greater need for purified water than most homes. Here are some of the ways that commercial firms can benefit from having a water purification system added by someone like American Aqua Solutions.

American Aqua Solutions has provided commercial water treatment services for a wide range of uses. For example, we have provided equipment for whole house reverse osmosis systems, breweries, hydroponics, lab water, water stores, manufacturing, HVAC systems, commercial cleaning, rainwater, food/beverage, health, and hospitality. We are experienced in water solutions for many commercial industries, and we can custom create a system to fit the needs of any business.

There are many businesses where the quality of the water the company uses will affect work the business produce. When an industry in this situation uses a consistent, high-quality water purification system, the quality of their water can become a selling point for the business. For example, a carpet cleaner who uses filtered water can boast that they use better water to scrub carpets than the competition. Similarly, any company that involves testing samples needs pure water to ensure nothing is contaminating the results. A residential water treatment system can’t produce enough water to meet these needs. American Aqua Solutions can equip businesses with a system large enough to sustain the needs of the company.

Breweries can definitely benefit from water treatment systems. The quality of your water will affect the final taste of your beer, which is why it’s vital to start with contaminant-free water. Contaminants such as hardness, iron, chlorine, and high TDS (total dissolved solids) will negatively impact the recipe and ingredients. By installing a reverse osmosis system, American Aqua Solutions can help breweries, manufacturing plants, hydroponic grow facilities, laboratories, and more remove up to 98 percent of contaminants from the water. It’s one of the best kinds of water filtration systems available today.

Restaurants and hospitality businesses should consider getting a water treatment system for their establishments. Just like with breweries, the water that’s used for cooking or drinks affects the taste. To provide the highest-quality service, businesses in the hospitality industry should invest in a water treatment system from American Aqua Solutions that can give purified water to every faucet in the building. Whether the water quality in your area that’s good or bad, be knowing as the place with water that’s better than anywhere else will make your business stand out for the right reasons.

Good water quality is essential, even when the water isn’t going to be consumed by anyone. Many industrial manufacturing processes require high-quality water to protect expensive equipment, molds, and presses. Contaminants in the water can damage equipment over time, as the system was meant for pure water and not the byproducts created by pollutants at high heat. For example, the clean water is needed for the machinery used in chrome plating, paint shops, industrial electronic rinse, thermal heat treating, plastic injection molding, etc. Similarly, places that have water cooling and heating systems need pure water to protect these systems. There are many ways to clean water for this purpose, such as ionic exchange (i.e., water softening) or reverse osmosis. Getting American Aqua Solutions to provide these technologies will not only reduce impurities but can also extend the life of industrial chemicals and reduce overall energy costs.

Purified water isn’t just for your home. Getting a commercial water treatment system for your business can help your company produce better products and help your business stand out from the rest. If you’re curious about getting a system for your company, talk to American Aqua Solutions to learn more and get an estimate.