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One of the most important aspects of our lives is our residential water. This is the water our families drink and the water with which we cook, clean and bathe. This is the water that is used in our appliances and plumbing systems. The fact of the matter is, there are many different water problems and contaminants in the water that should concern homeowners. It doesn’t matter if your water is sourced from a private well or a municipal city supply. At American Aqua Solutions we can help you determine the BEST water treatment solutions for your needs. We offer efficient, green technology that consists of the highest quality components available—all backed by our industry-leading warranties.

Good quality drinking water should be a top priority for everyone. With all of the recent reports of different drinking water contamination, we all should be very thoughtful about the water that we drink. In order to avoid drinking problem water, reverse osmosis is a great option. The reverse osmosis process will typically remove 90-98% of contaminants in the water. We offer a variety of different reverse osmosis systems. These consist of (point of entry) whole house reverse osmosis systems to (point of use) under the counter systems and even some in between. For drinking and cooking we have some good options. Our “quick change” RO system makes for very simple filter changes and is much more efficient as far as water discharge goes compared to other RO systems. We also offer standard and high pressure systems that can accommodate refrigerators and ice makers. We even have faucets to match.

AAS-Residential Water Treatment-family drinkingHardness is an issue for both private well and city water. However, depending on where you are in the country, this issue may be much worse. Hardness is calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. This makes “hard” water. Hard water can cause scale on appliances, plumbing and fixtures, water spots, and nasty buildups. Our water softeners will not only remove this issue, but will also provide brighter and whiter clothes, cleaner dishes, and prolong the life of the homes appliances. Our most popular water softeners are up to 75% more efficient in salt and water usage than most of the competition. These units are not only efficient, but durable, user friendly, and have some of the best warranties in the business!

In municipal city water, chlorine or chloramine and hardness are typically the main concerns for people. Chlorine/chloramines are added to the water by the city during the disinfection process. These Volatile Organic Chemicals are thought to cause negative adverse health effects and skin irritation. It is recommended that these VOCs be removed from municipal water before the water enters the home. We offer automatic backwashing carbon filters that use a high grade catalytic carbon media. By running this water through a properly sized catalytic carbon media bed, these VOCs s can be eliminated.

AAS-Residential-dishesWell water… Now as many of us know, well water can either be problem free, or it can be a stinky, staining mess. Problem well water can be a headache for everyone who encounters it. Some people on well water have sediment or high TDS (total dissolved solids) issues. This can cause pressure loss and clogged fixtures. Others have iron problems that cause red/brown staining on everything the water touches, including the whites that get trashed and turn yellow. Odor is another common problem with well water. There is nothing like turning the water on and immediately smelling the terrible stench of rotten eggs. Bacteria are also a huge concern with well water. Bacteria can cause psychological and physical issues. It has been known to cause stomach issues such as stomach cramps, and gastroenteritis. Bacteria problems can even become so severe that they can lead to death. Some people on private wells encounter acidic water that has a low PH and can be unhealthy and extremely corrosive. These are the most common issues with well water. We provide many different solutions for problem well water. Each specific water problem requires a specific treatment method. In order to provide effective and sustainable treatment for your water problem, we prefer to evaluate a detailed water analysis in order to guarantee results. If you do not have a current water analysis, just ask—we will be happy to analyze your water.

It is imperative that all water treatment equipment be sized properly in order to be effective. If the equipment is not properly sized or the contaminant is misdiagnosed, the system will not perform to satisfaction. And that’s the reason for American Aqua Solutions! One of our experienced water specialists would be happy to discuss your application and provide some insight as to how we can help clean up your problem water. So if you are ready for worry free water for yourself, your family and your home, give us a call!

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