What WE DO

We offer custom tailored treatment program for life’s challenging water problems. Our expertise consists of filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, disinfection, deionization, as well as other situation-specific treatment options. Over the years, we have had much success with our water treatment applications. We serve many different markets in this industry. We can help design, supply, and set-up complete systems for both residences and businesses. We can effectively treat your municipal city water or your well water. Some of our other specialties include providing specific water quality for whole house reverse osmosis systems, breweries, hydroponics, lab water, water stores, manufacturing, HVAC systems, commercial cleaning, rain water, food/beverage, health, and hospitality.


  • Free expert advice
  • Provide Water analysis
  • Evaluate water problems and interpret water analysis
  • Design and recommend custom treatment options per application
  • Accurately size equipment solutions based on demand/volume
  • Water treatment webinars
  • Provide thorough installation support via manuals, videos, and live correspondence
  • Available 7 days a week for technical support
  • Schematic design for commercial equipment
  • Assist with initial set up and commissioning of equipment
  • Onsite equipment start up
  • Water treatment/equipment training
  • ELT (Endorsed Local Technician) network for installation assistance
  • Free water analysis post equipment installation
  • Equipment solutions distribution
  • Local residential and commercial equipment service
  • Post sale/installation satisfaction follow-up
  • No-worries annual service plans
  • Wholesale partnership programs
  • Referral incentives
  • Local preventative maintenance agreements
  • AAS memberships

These are some of the services that we offer. We want to provide you with as much support as needed to educate and assist you with your water treatment needs. We hope to make the entire process, from choosing equipment to maintaining your system, as simple as possible. Our staff is willing and ready to help you anyway we can. Please let us know if you have any questions about these services.