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A complete water test is always important for the health and peace of mind for yourself and your family. Nowadays municipal city water and private well water should be tested consistently. However, it is much more important on private well water because this water is not monitored by any municipality. Well water can either be a blessing or curse. Well water can be pure and crystal clear or could wreak havoc on everything it touches. If you are new to well water there may be a lot of different issues that could need to be addressed. Bacteria, Iron, Manganese, acidic water, arsenic, hydrogen sulfite, tannins and the list go on and on. This is why we recommend an annual detailed water analysis performed on the well water.

A detailed water analysis, especially on private well water, is imperative to determine a water supply’s contaminants and contaminant levels. These contaminants and levels will determine the best solution to address your water concerns. Without a current water analysis, effective and sustainable treatment can be very difficult. If you do not have a detailed water analysis to share with us, we can provide one for you!
Anyways, this is a great article below that goes in much more detail in the importance of water testing. Check it out. Let us know what you think…

Article: http://www.watertechonline.com/the-importance-of-testing-water/