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Indianapolis Residential Water Treatment Services and Products MapIndiana is the home of the Hoosiers and Hoosier hospitality! Indianapolis is also typically known for the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Colts, and even some years the Indianapolis Pacers. Another thing that Indianapolis is known for is the terrible water that is found across the state in the private wells and municipal city water supplies as well.

Indiana is said to have some of the hardest water in the country. This is most likely do to the state sitting on limestone and bedrock formations. Indiana cities’ water typically measures 250-450 parts per million (14-26 grains per gallon) of hardness in the water. The Water Quality Association considers 10.5 grains per gallon to be very hard water. Well water in the area can be double that. Very hard water will cause scaling, water spots on dishes and glassware, and soapy buildups. This water can cause dry skin and hair as well as increase your overall energy bill. If you want soft skin, hair, and laundry, good clean dishes, protection for your appliances and fixtures, and a solid solution to these headaches… then one of our water softeners may be something to think about. We offer a full line of metered and high efficiency solutions that use the best and most innovative technology in the business. Check out our water softeners… Let us know what you think.

Most water treatment plants in and around Indy are supplied with ground water. This water is disinfected with chlorine. Chlorine can cause dry skin, faded laundry, and adverse health effects. We recommend removing this chlorine before it enters the home with catalytic granular activated carbon filtration. This method of treatment will eliminate the chlorine and other disinfection by-products. Our backwashing carbon filters that utilize highly reactive catalytic carbon will address these concerns. We also offer dual media water softeners that will not only filter the water, but soften it as well.

Staining and odor are common problems across the state for people with private well water. This is due to most wells in the area having iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in them. These problems can be a total nuisance and wreak havoc on everything that the water encounters. We offer different treatment solutions for these issues. The levels of these contaminants determine the most effective way to treat this water. When dealing with problem well water, it is always best to start with a detailed water analysis. If you do not have a current water analysis, we can provide one. After detailed discussion with you and review of your water analysis, we can help determine the best treatment for your situation.

Not only can we help with the whole house or business, we can also help to ensure that you have good quality drinking water. We offer reverse osmosis drinking systems. Reverse osmosis will provide bottle- quality water for drinking and cooking. We have systems that are very user friendly with extremely easy filter changes, standard RO systems, and even high pressure systems that can be connected to the refrigerator and/or the icemaker.
American Aqua Solutions is based in Indianapolis Indiana! Most of us at AAS are from this great state as well, so you can count on us having those good Midwest values. We are very familiar with Indiana water problems and how to effectively treat them. Our goal is to build solid, ongoing relationships with our Indy neighbors while providing effective and sustainable water treatment results. Whether you need assistance with your residential or commercial water, we have plenty of different options to meet your needs. Please give us a call for a free quote. We strive to treat you and your water right!

**Commercial installations and service agreements are site specific and available upon request.  Installation for Indianapolis Residential Water Treatment Services and Products typically increase equipment cost by $200.00. With this we can provide professional installation for pre-plumbed homes, initial equipment programming/start-up, water softener salt if needed, old equipment disposal, post installation treatment evaluation, and consistent satisfaction support.**