Residential Filtration in Indianapolis and Beyond

Filtration is often one of the most important aspects of residential water treatment.  This is so very important because of all of the contaminants that can be in our water.  The types of contaminants in the water determine the best type of filtration for effective and sustainable treatment.  Whether you are on a municipal city water supply or private well water, filtration is typically a necessity for your clean water and peace of mind.

aas-big-blue-4-5x20-dualOur 4.5 x20” Big Blue housings are very versatile as far as the types of cartridge filters that they can accommodate.  Depending on the extent of filtration that you prefer, these systems are available in single housings, duals, and even triples.  All Big Blue systems are sent with the mounting brackets/mounting screws, filter housing wrenches, and pressure relief buttons to help ease the filter change.  Some people choose three different sediment filters with different micron sizes for effective “step down” filtration.  Others choose sediment and carbon cartridges for these.  There are many combinations of filter cartridges in regards to this treatment technology.

Backwashing filters are becoming more common in today’s world.  These filters require even less maintenance than the previous solutions.  These systems use a durable and digital control valve on a tank of specific filtration media that puts the system into an automatic regeneration cycle at a preset time and day to clean the media once it is exhausted.  This allows the systems to keep filtering out the contaminants of concern with minimal maintenance and monitoring.  All of our backwashing filters use the Vortech tank.  This tank has been proven to lift and regenerate the filter media much better than standard distributor tanks.  This is very important to ensure that the media is cleaned thoroughly and lasts as long as possible. We can customize these systems based on size and media depending on your contaminant levels and concerns.

One of our most popular filtration systems for municipal city water is the Patriot Pure Backwashing Filter.  This unit comes in two sizes depending on contaminant levels and flow rates.  This system is an automatic backwashing filter that has multiple medias in the media tank, separated by a midplate.   The media in this tank consists of a catalytic granular activated carbon for removal of chlorine, chloramines, and other volatile organic chemicals.  The media also includes a KDF blend.  KDF is known to be bacteriostatic as well as being effective in lead removal.  The control valve is user friendly and has a great warranty as well.

We also have some great options to address your problem well water. Our Patriot O2 solution is great for private well water that has 8 ppm (parts per million) of iron, 1ppm of manganese, and 6 ppm of hydrogen sulfide. This system introduces oxygen into the system during regeneration. This oxygen reacts with the birm, garnett, and catalytic carbon media blend to oxidize the iron, sulfur, and manganese in the water. These contaminants are then precipitated out and discharged to the drain during regeneration. If your well water is extremely unpleasant, or you have iron and/or sulfur bacteria, we offer an upgraded Patriot O2 system that utilizes a prefabricated ozone injection control that is built on the Patriot control valve. This unit requires no chemicals and is extremely effective for treating problem well water.

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